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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cedars Lodge Receives Sponsorship

Bro Fidel Pamplona, Bro Rudy O'laco, and I [Bro Louie Reyes] attended The Cedars Lodge No 1041 meeting last night [Friday, 24 April] . The work was a first degree which was very enjoyable and in correspondence, our petition to them for sponsorship was read out.

Later, in general business, their secretary read out the lodge response to us, very happy and honoured, and ready to assist if called upon.

Bro Fidel responded at the first visitors' response in the south, and thanked the Wrosipful Master and brethren of The Cedars Lodge for their kind support and then gave a short but very informative biography of Jose Rizal for the benefit of the hosts and the other visitors.

The banquet was typically sumptuous, a Cedars tradition, and sets a benchmark for how festive boards should be conducted. An excellent evening with excellent results.

As emailed by Bro Louie Reyes


One person can set goals;
it takes a team to achieve them. – Saab ad

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· Share your enthusiasm
· Be persistent
· Start small
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· Think long term
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· Encourage positive discussion

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