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Monday, March 15, 2010

Junior Warden's Corner: Well Done March Group!

Brethren and Sisters,

I would like to express my appreciation to the "MARCH GROUP" for a job well done at the FESTIVE BOARD during our stated meeting last Saturday, 13 March 2010. There is no doubt the brethren present were very pleased with the sumptuous food that your group have prepared for the evening.

Special thank you to your wives [Sis Irene, Sis Remy, Sis Chona] and other ladies [Sis Mila, Sis Eugene] who in one way or another helped and assisted in cooking, serving and washing the dishes. Also, I would like to thank the brethren for giving a helping hand putting away the tables and chairs, paving way for everyone to knock off early after a hectic day of preparation.

I trust that we will maintain helping each other to make job easier for everyone. I could not wait for the MAY GROUP (Bros Dobson, Elizes, Fidel, Flores & Ilaya) to show their "masterpiece" in cooking.

Sincerely & fraternally,


I would like to personally thank Bro Nomy Adriano, Bro Joel Cabides, Bro Butch Canicula, Bro Izzy De Guzman and Bro Manny Santos [who, despite his absence in the meeting helped in the preparation in the morning!] for helping out in the Festive Board. As always, we wouldn't have done all these without the support of the above ladies, our Junior Warden, WBro Rudy Romerosa, our WM, VWBro Manny Maniago and Bro Manny Placido for arranging the music and PA system.
Also thank you to all the brethren who attended and helped out in the Festive Board, it sure made the work easier because of your concerted effort. Rest assured we will also help out the next Festive Board group!
Mario Jr

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