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Monday, November 10, 2014

From the Worshipful Master's Corner

Time flies fast!
This time last year, I was dreading the second Saturday of November. My problem was, I was new to my job; which was of a very different nature to what I have done before. Hence, a new job with so many things to learn and then, the prospect of being the Worshipful Master [WM] of Lodge Jose Rizal; with more things to learn! Thus, I begun to have a "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" persona, operating on binary switches - switch on work, switch on Masonry. Do lodge memory work today then loose them altogether the following work day.
Fast forward to this year, I could not wait for the second Saturday of November to arrive. Not because I wanted to put Freemasonry on the side, but to celebrate the fact that I survived! At the start of my term, I mentioned about being in awe with the history of other Lodges. And now, it seems that I managed to add one small notch to the history pages of our Lodge. But not without the help of all of you!
To our RWBro Secretary, Fidel Pamplona, who I pester with numerous phone calls - thank you for your patience with me. No matter what others say, I believe the Secretary's job is a lot harder than being the WM. Along with the other mentors: VWBro Rudy Romerosa, RWBro Manny Maniago, RWBro Rey Porras and others, you are the cornerstones of Lodge Jose Rizal.
To Bro Micvi, as I have stated previously, you are my superhero when it comes to coordination. Juggling family, work and the lodge is very remarkable achievement in itself. You have delivered! Thanks to Sis Eugenie, who tirelessly supported you. And of course, to the monthly South Committee who assisted our Bro Junior Warden to bring out the South to perfection - many thanks.
To the WM-elect, Bro Mar and Sis Irene, both of you were always there for me. I still remember what Sis Irene (and Sis Remy) said to me: "Bro, just be the WM and leave the rest to us!" What more can I ask? And by the way Sis Irene, your performance as Rizal's mother - Teodora, still bring goosebumps whenever I remember it. Whilst I'm on Rizal's tribute presentation topic, my heart is still applauding to the other Sisters in the cast: Sis Marissa, Sis Kharole and Joy Santos (our IPM Manny Santos' daughter-in-law); and the assistant Director, Sis Hazel.
Our IPM and Treasurer, WBro Manny Santos, who will happily allocate funds for the WM's pleasure, I thank you and Sis Lourdes - aka Sis Odeng (another 'nepotismic' act!) for being with me. I owe you lots of apologies as I wasn't able to give my 100% when I was your Senior Warden. Sis Odeng is who I run to whenever I needed things like costume, music and other requirements.
To WBro Khris Albano, with your wit and charm, I feel that I have yet to see a South that can surpass ours. I won't even mention the eloquence in your Charges inside the Lodge. You are our yardstick when it comes to public speaking.
WBro Pritam's thunder completes the versatility of our Charges in the Lodge. You are a wonder and a joy to behold and listen to. But please give ample notice when you intend to whack the WM's station, lest it gives him a heart attack!
I have never publicly thanked our organist, Bro Daniel, because of my misguided fear of being miscontrued as practising a form of quasi-nepotism. But, at this stage of my term I have nothing to loose anymore :) :0). His music serves as my inspiration and strenght inside the Lodge. I'm so proud of you Son-Brother. With your "partner-in-crime" WBro Mateo, our Lodge Music Director and conductor; who has guided the music to perfect timing.
To our Master Masons and Junior officers; who have done the floor works flawlessly and delivered their Charges as if they live it, not only that you are the future of  Lodge Jose Rizal but you have been inspirational to me and others.
I have reserved the best for last - to our "secret weapon" - the Ladies of Lodge Jose Rizal, who have worked tirelessly to support us. Your mere presence serves as an inspiration. To my wife, for your bouquets and encouragements.
So Brethren, Rise, Charge your glasses - a Toast to the Queen of our hearts!
WBro Manny Placido
Worshipful Master, 2013-2014
Lodge Jose Rizal No 1045
[Photo credit: WBro Romy Nieto, a big thank you too for being the 'Official LJR Photographer']


Officers Masonic Year 2013-2014

Worshipful Master - WBro Manuel "MannyP" Placido
Immediate Past Master - WBro Manuel "MannyS" Santos
Senior Warden - Bro Mario 'Mar" Baylon Jr
Junior Warden - Bro Micvi "Mic" Fidel
Chaplain - Bro Julio "Jay" Roson
Treasurer - WBro Manuel "MannyS" Santos
Secretary - RWBro Fidencio "Fidel" Pamplona, PSGW
Director of Ceremonies - WBro Khris Albano, GStwd
Senior Deacon - Bro Paolo Beringuel
Junior Deacon - Bro Roderick "Erick" Buenavista
Director of Music - WBro Herminigildo "Hermie" Mateo
Organist - Bro Daniel Placido
Membership Officer - RWBro Emmanuel "MannyM" Maniago, PSGW
Membership Officer - WBro Vicente "Vince" Flores
masoniCare Caring Officer - WBro Remigio "Romy" Nieto
Inner Guard - Bro Roberto "Obet" Urqueza
Bro Troy Quimpo
Bro Oscar "Ohkah" Eugenio
Bro Rommel Cruz
Bro Rajeev Kalra
Tyler [Interim] - Bro Jim Holdsworth
Assistant DC - VWBro Rodolfo "Rudy" Romerosa, PDGDC
Lodge Newsletter - RWBro Bruce Quirk, PAGM
Lodge Mentor - RWBro Rey Porras, PSGW
WBro Remigio "Romy" Nieto
Bro Paolo Beringuel

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