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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Lodge Jose Rizal’s 14th March 2015 Meeting

By RWB Bruce Quirk, PAGM

         Attendance was down slightly for Lodge Jose Rizal’s March meeting, held at the Castle Hill Masonic Centre on the Fourteenth of March, where the Brethren were so much further enlightened by a lecture on the First Degree ceremony, drawn largely from the “Sectional Lectures” ritual and delivered by several Brethren; the lecture put together and presented to the Lodge by RWBro Brian Potter, PJGW.
       With Mario Baylon Jnr. “In the Chair”, the lodge tyled at six ‘clock and after some private business was discussed and dealt with, all visitors were admitted, including the Worshipful Master of Lodge Kilwinning No 13, RWBro Antoine Georges, making the number in the Lodge Room approaching forty, which included one entered apprentice, Bro Timothy Glanville, initiated at the January meeting.

      The lecture commenced with the Worshipful Master communicating the first part with the Senior Warden, the second part and with the Junior Warden, the third part to the Director of Ceremonies, VWBro Rudy Romerosa;  then with the presenter RWBro Brian Potter and progressively dissected the First degree ceremony and the various Charges and Explanations from start to finish, a very enlightening presentation, a credit to all who took part, with special mention to the one who compiled the presentation, RWBro Potter.

      The presentation over, the Worshipful Master asked the Director of ceremonies to present WBro Remigio Nieto and the Secretary, RWBro Fidel Pamplona duly presented him with his masoniCare badge and literature. The masoniCare badge is a new Grand Lodge innovation.
    The Worshipful Master then called for any announcements and in rising, the Worshipful Master Elect of Lodge Burnside, Bro Michael Reid, invited all to his Installation Ceremony, WBro Fraser Smith the Installing Master. The Worshipful Master Elect of Lodge Woronora, Bro Emmanuel Konitopoulous, then rose and invited all to his Installation to be held at the Oatley Masonic Centre on the twenty seventh of June, a large crowd is expected.

     In closing business, the Lodge Secretary, RWBro Fidel Pamplona, then stood and moved a motion that, the Australian Friends of the Philippines Charity Night coincides with LJR’s meeting on 11 July and the Grand Installation is to be held on the same night as the Lodge Jose Rizal’s rehearsal/fellowship meeting on 8 August, Lodge Jose Rizal should move their two meeting nights to the Saturday night of the first week of those two months, so members can fully participate and support on both occasions, the motions accepted. Continuing on, RWBro Secretary spoke of the cost of printing the Jose Rizal notice paper and announced that regrettably, the size of the notice paper, eight pages, would have to be reduced to a double page on A4 size. As the notice paper is in full colour and contains many photos and highly surpasses the standard of any other Lodge notice paper, several members and visitors alike, rose and in an effort to retain the high standard, told of various printers that could print the Notice Paper at an acceptable price and committed themselves to make further inquiries.
      In closing and with a huge smile, the Lodge Secretary told the Brethren of Lodge Jose Rizal, that their quest for accreditation was now almost certain and the long sought after announcement of achievement would probably be made at the June Quarter Communication. There being no further business the Worshipful Master again thanked all for their attendance and closed the Lodge. All then retired to join the Ladies and Family at the festive board where, after the Lodge Chaplain, Bro Julio Roson, recited Grace and the Worshipful Master proposed “The Loyal Toast”, all enjoyed a delicious meal prepared and presented as only the Ladies of Lodge Jose Rizal can do.

      In proposing a toast to The Presenter, RWBro Rey Porras told of the enormous contribution RWBro Brian Potter had given the Freemasonry, RWBro Potter being a rather quiet and unassuming man, his contribution sometimes is overlooked.
      In response to the toast and in complimenting all who had taken part in the night’s delivery, RWBro Potter told of his pleasure in producing the presentation and how it was his aim to present the explanation in its fullest capacity at some future time, a night not to be missed.

      Bro Micvi Fidel then proposed a rather lengthy toast to Our Visitors and Our Ladies, which was responded to by Bro Emmanuel Konitopoulous who, in thanking Lodge Jose Rizal for such an enjoyable evening, again invited all to his Installation.
      The Worshipful Master’s wife, Irene, then drew the first lucky raffle prize after which the Junior Warden, Bro Paolo Beringuel, proposed the Junior Wardens Toast

      Such was the Fortieth Meeting of Lodge Jose Rizal, whilst arguably the most progressive Lodge within the Fraternity, is definitely the most harmonious, a Lodge destined for well-deserved accreditation and an example for other Lodges to follow, may it long, long continue.
“Our Next Happy Meeting at Lodge Jose Rizal No 1045”

Which meets at the Castle Hill Masonic Centre bi-monthly where a great night of family, friends, fun and unsurpassed Freemasonry is assured. Next Meeting ninth of May.
From The Region 2 & District 25 Newsletter: Lodge Jose Rizal’s 14th March 2015 Meeting

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