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Monday, July 6, 2015

LJR's Regular Meeting - 9 May 2015

Numbers exceeding fifty, including the Brethren, their Ladies, family and friends, not forgetting
the “tiny tots”, were in attendance at the Castle Hill Masonic Centre on Saturday night the
Ninth of May for Lodge Jose Rizal’s Forty First meeting, where, in a very impressive manner,
Bro Timothy Glanville was passed to the second degree. 

With Worshipful Bro. Mario Baylon Jnr. “In the Chair”, WBro Manuel Santos as I. P. M., WBro
Vince Flores as Director of Ceremonies and WBro Fred Sese as Tyler, the Lodge tyled at little
after six o’clock and the minutes and correspondence were quickly presented by the Lodge
Secretary, RWBro Fidel Pamplona and accepted by the Brethren. Likewise the accounts and
money matters were presented by the Lodge Treasurer, WBro Manuel Santos and passed
for payment without comment. 

All visitors were then admitted and in view of three Installations taking place within the area on
the same night, the Worshipful Master thanked all for their unswerving support and attendance.
With Lodge Jose Rizal being almost certain to be awarded Accreditation at the June Grand
Lodge Communication [June 10], RWBro Pamplona urged all members of the Lodge to be in
attendance to show acknowledgement and appreciation on the night. 

The Worshipful Master, WBro Mario Baylon, Jnr announced the Affiliation Acceptance of Bro.
Gerardo  Musa, Jnr., who, after all formalities were successfully completed, was duly admitted
into the Lodge Room and made most welcome with loud acclamation. 

The work of the evening, which was to pass Bro Glanville to the second degree, then commenced
with the Junior Deacon, Bro Roberto Urqueza, presenting the candidate to the Worshipful
Master for the Preliminary Examination. Bro Glanville, obviously being well tutored by
his mentors, Bro Rajeev Kalra and Bro Myles Eusebio, had no problems with the examination
and spoke in a loud and confident voice, the examination over and after all Entered Apprentices
were retired, the Worshipful Master gave Bro Glanville further instruction before he was
retired under the capable hand of the Senior Deacon, Bro Roderick Buenavista and the Lodge
was opened in the Second Degree. 

An alarm was then sounded and the candidate was re admitted and duly passed to the second
degree. The work conducted at Lodge Jose Rizal is without exception, always a joy to watch
and a pleasure to listen to and the evening of May the Ninth 2015 was no exception, with all
the work, with exception of the signs and secrets, carried out by Master Masons and on completion
of the ceremony, showing much wisdom, the Worshipful Master asked the Candidate's
Mentors to come forward and congratulate Bro Glanville, which they did with much enthusiasm.
With the newly passed Brother taking his seat in the South East Corner, the Lodge was returned
to the First Degree and further business was discussed and announcements made.
It was agreed that the June meeting should be an informal evening in the form of a social
gathering with no regalia in the Lodge Room and inquiries were to be made to acquire an interesting speaker for the night, the next main meeting scheduled is on the fourth of July. 

There being no further business, the Worshipful Master closed the Lodge and all retired to the
South to join the Ladies, family and friends at the festive board. 

After Grace was recited by the Lodge Chaplain, Bro Julio Roson, the Worshipful Master proposed
The Loyal Toast before all totally enjoyed a delicious food, for which Lodge Jose Rizal is renowned,
 prepared and presented as only the “Ladies of the Lodge” can do.  

Bro Myles Eusebio then proposed a toast to The Newly Passed Brother and in his response, Bro Glanville, with much sincerity, thanked all, his sponsors in particular, for their support and encouragement he had received along the way in his Masonic Journey thus far. 

Bro Roderick Buenavista then proposed a toast to “Our Ladies and Our Visitors”, concluding
the toast with the “Lodge Jose Rizal” Visitors Honours which are always given with much sincerity
and meaning:

                             “We Hold You in Our Hearts”
                                "We Embrace as a Family”
                                  "We Honour Your Friendship"

The toast was responded to by the Worshipful Master elect of Lodge Woronora, Bro Emmanuel Konitopoulos who, in congratulating the Candidate and thanking Lodge Jose Rizal for such and enjoyable evening, invited all to his forth coming Installation on 27th of June. 2015. 

The Raffle was then drawn with the usual fun, frivolity and good will always associated with
Lodge Jose Rizal, before Bro Paolo Beringuel proposed the Junior Warden’s toast and whilst
some, with long distance to travel, ventured out into the cold Autumn night and made their way
to their respective homes, others stayed on and partied well into the night in the true festive
spirit of Lodge Jose Rizal. 

Such was the May meeting of one of the most progressive Lodges in the Fraternity and definitely
the most hospitable. We wish them well in their quest for accreditation which will set a
standard that will remain for many, many, years to come, for other Lodges to pursue.

              "To our Next Happy Meeting at lodge Jose Rizal No 1045”
From The Region 2 & District 25 Newsletter: 

By RWBro Bruce Quirk, PAGM

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