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Monday, August 31, 2015

Lodge Jose Rizal’s 42nd Meeting on 04 July 2015

Excitement and jubilation was abundantly evident right from the onset of Lodge Jose Rizal’s forty second meeting, held at the Castle Hill Masonic Centre on Saturday evening the fourth of July, the first meeting after they had been awarded “Accreditation”, a “Lodge of Excellence” which was announced at the June Grand Lodge Communication.

Strong support was given from surrounding Lodges and Districts, who came to congratulate the members of the Lodge on their envied achievement to such an extent that tyling was delayed somewhat, whilst a search was made to find enough Entered Apprentice and Fellow Craft aprons to accommodate the vast numbers of visiting Brethren. Finally and with over fifty five signatures on the presence book and the Accreditation Certificate placed proudly for all to see on the Secretary’s table, the Lodge was opened, with no fewer than nine Entered Apprentices in the North East Corner and three Fellow Crafts in the South East Corner and the Lodge Room filled to near full capacity.

The Worshipful Master in the Chair, WBro Mario Baylon Jnr., immediately congratulated the members of Lodge Jose Rizal on their achievement of a “Lodge of Excellence” and the Lodge room immediately erupted in thunderous acclamation of both acknowledgement and approval.

The Worshipful Master then gave welcome to the many visitors and gave recognition to the attendance of the Assistant Grand Master- elect, RWBro Bill Driver, who will take up his role at the Grand Lodge Installation, to be held in the Sydney Town Hall on the Eighth of August.

 A very much appreciated Bro James Holdsworth, who has been “acting tyler” for the Lodge for many years, was then invited into the Lodge Room and warmly welcomed as an affiliate member of Lodge Jose Rizal, his membership being hailed with loud acclamation.

The Worshipful Master then called the Lodge from Labour to Refreshment and all visitors and ladies were invited into the Lodge Room which filled the room to total capacity, before introducing the presenter of the night, WBro Khris Albano, who gave a lengthy and very interesting talk on Dr Jose Rizal, the Man and the Mason. WBro Albano, being a very highly skilled presenter and speaker, with much interaction, held all in the Lodge Room’s undivided attention for almost an hour, whilst he told of what a great humanitarian Dr Jose’ Rizal really was and of the great good he did for his country, his fellow countrymen and the Masonic Fraternity and in closing, of his great persecution, torture and execution of this well-travelled, highly educated and much loved man.

The lecture completed and recognition given, all non-masons were then retired and The Worshipful Master called for a Caring Officers report. Respect and recognition was given to the late Lyn Quirk, who was affectionately known by all at the Castle Hill Masonic Centre as “Bro. Lyn”, reports were also given on several other sick and absent brethren.

Before the Lodge was closed, an invitation was extended by the Worshipful Master Elect of Lodge Merrylands, Bro Max Totaan, to attend his Installation, to be held at the Guildford Masonic Centre on Saturday the Eleventh of July. There being no further business the Worshipful Master closed the Lodge and all retired to the festive board to enjoy delicious food and the unsurpassed harmony of Lodge Jose’ Rizal.

After Grace was recited by Bro Julio Roson, the Worshipful Master proposed the Loyal Toast and after all had partaken in the delicious food and tasty sweets, as only the Ladies of Lodge Jose Rizal can prepare and present. RWBro Fidel Pamplona proposed a lengthy toast to his long-time friend, “The Presenter”, WBro Khris Albano. In his response, WBro Albano said it was his pleasure to speak about such a worthy man of such world renown.
In the absence of WBro Pritam Singh, Bro Tim Glanville gave a rousing and hearty welcome to the visitors and friends and in closing the toast, WBro Albano gave the Lodge Jose Rizal visitors honours which are:

“We hold you in our Hearts” “We embrace you as a Family” “We Honour your Friendship”

The first response was given by a prospective Mason, Mr Taregh Echesh, a friend of RWBro Bill Driver, who said how impressed he was with the evening and wished to become a Mason as soon as possible, the second response was from the Senior Deacon of Lodge Education No 814, Bro Kevin Lim Lo Suy who complimented Lodge Jose Rizal’s presenter in particular, on such an enjoyable evening and pledged to return as soon as possible.

The raffle was then organized and drawn by the Junior Warden Bro Paolo Beringuel before the final toast was proposed, thus ending another very pleasant evening shared with Lodge Jose Rizal, a Lodge of well deserved “Excellence”

“To Our Next Happy Meeting with Lodge Jose’ Rizal No 1045”

which will be on the Twelfth of September---Installation may be planned for the Seventh of November [back to the scheduled 2nd Saturday, 14th of November], to be held at the Castle Hill Bowling Club depending on the availability of the Grand Master. Hopefully the New Grand Master being in attendance.

By: RWBro Bruce Quirk, PAGM

From The Region 2 & District 25 Newsletter

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