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Friday, June 8, 2012

May [2012] Initiation Meeting

Numbers approaching sixty, including the Brethren, their Ladies, family and ‘little ones’ were in attendance at the Castle Hill Masonic Centre on Saturday evening, the twelfth of May, the day before Mother’s Day, to both witness, take part in and enjoy the first degree ceremony where Mr. Rommel Cruz became Bro Rommel Cruz, a member of Lodge Jose Rizal and Brother among Masons.

With VW Bro Rudy Romerosa in the chair the Lodge tyled a little after six o’clock with thirty two Brethren in the Lodge Room. Of those in the room and in the North East Corner were no fewer than five Entered Apprentice Freemasons, Bro Oscar Eugenio, Bro Oscar Gadista, Bro Bruce Gehrig, Bro Rajeev Kalra and Bro Gerry Musa. In the South East Corner were two Fellow Crafts, Bro John Pawliw and Bro Gil Macaraeg, all who were all duly recognized by the Worshipful Master as the evening progressed.

After all visitors were admitted and made comfortable, an alarm was sounded and upon inquiry it was found the District Grand Inspector of Working for District 32, VW Bro Paul Larbalestier was in attendance and seeking admission, with the Brethren standing to order and electronic fan fare, VW Bro Larbalestier entered the Lodge Room and was warmly greeted by the Worshipful Master.

With Dispensation approved by the Regional Grand Counsellor RW Bro Bill McBey, a successful ballot was then conducted for the admission into Freemasonry of Mr Rommel Cruz after which the Secretary RW Bro Emmanuel Maniago and Director of Ceremonies RW Bro Rey Porras retired to prepare the candidate. Upon their return, an alarm was sounded and on investigation, it was found that Mr Rommel Cruz was at the door of the Lodge, properly prepared, humbly soliciting and wishing to be admitted into ancient Freemasonry. With consent by the Worshipful Master and under the care and direction of the Senior Deacon Bro Mario Baylon Jnr and the Junior Deacon Bro Micvi Fidel, Mr Cruz was received into the Lodge Room and the age old ceremony of Initiation commenced.

One could only watch in respect and admiration as the ceremony unfolded as the officers of the Lodge went about their respective duties with particular mention and recognition of Bro Paolo Beringuel’s explanation of the Mode of Preparation and Bro Israel de Guzman delivery of the final charge, both faultlessly done and for the very first time delivering a Charge. W Bro Pritan Singh again took all in the Lodge Rooms breath away with his explanation of the first degree working tools, delivered with such meaning and expression as only W Bro Pritam Singh can do.

The ceremony over and the now Brother Rommel Cruz seated in the North East Corner with the five other Entered Apprentices, the Worshipful Master presented Bro Troy Quimpo with his Master Mason’s Certificate.

On returning to the dais, VW Bro. Romerosa gave welcome to the visiting District Inspector who, in response to the welcome went down onto the floor and congratulated the newly initiated Brother - Bro Cruz. VW Bro Larbalestier then went on to speak of the District meeting scheduled for the twenty forth of this month, also of the district web site which should be up and running early next week and closed his address in calling for three volunteers to man the Bunnings Barbeque this coming weekend. The visiting District Inspector then retired and after apologies were heard and inquiries read out, the Worshipful Master closed the Lodge and all retired to the festive board to join their wives, family and friends and to enjoy a beautiful meal prepared by the ‘Ladies of Lodge Jose Rizal’.

After Grace was said and the Loyal Toast proposed, the Worshipful Master proposed the toast to The Most Worshipful Grand Master and in response, VW Bro Larbalestier rose and spoke on many topics including the proposes changes in the Regions and Districts, a proposal some are not in agreement with and closed in wishing all Mothers in attendance a ‘Happy Mothers Day’.

W Bro Khris Albano then proposed a lengthy toast to the newly initiated Brother and in doing so and in welcoming the now Brother Rommel Cruz into the extended family of Brotherhood, explained to him that whilst Freemasonry does not make a bad man good, it does make a good man better. In response, Bro Cruz rose and in thanking W Bro Albano for his words of encouragement, thanked the Brethren for his acceptance and in closing gave recognition to the love and support of his good wife Jeanie.

The Senior Warden, Bro Manuel Santos then proposed the toast to ‘Our Visitors’ and ‘The Ladies’ and touched everyone’s heart in giving recognition to the hard work and sacrifice involved in the duties of being a Mother and of the undying and unconditional love they have for their children, in completing the toast, Bro Santos recited a poem that drew a small tear from the eyes of some, and touched everyone’s heart called ‘The Mothers that Always.

The Worshipful Master then showed his appreciation to the visiting Brethren with the honours:

‘We hold you in our Hearts’ ‘We embrace you as a Brother ’ ‘We honour your Friendship’

As Mother’s Day was the following day, the Junior Warden called for several couples to come onto the dance floor and do a Mother’s Day Waltz and as one would expect from Lodge Jose Rizal, the event turned into a riot of fun and frivolity which added much colour to the night which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

The first response to the visitors toast was from the Senior Warden of Lodge Woronora 414, Bro Roland Martinez [also LJR member] who invited all to the Ninety First Installation of Lodge Woronora where he will be Installed as Master.

W Bro Dexter Taylor, the Worshipful Master of Lodge Wahroonga was the second response and he also invited all to Lodge Wahroonga’s Installation and in introducing the Worshipful Master Elect, informed all that he and his good wife had just become Grand Parents for the third time, an announcement that drew thunderous cheers and acclamation.

With the hour getting late Bro Manuel Placido proposed the Junior Warden's toast which marked the end of a full week of Freemasonry for some as there had been four Installations during the week of which most had attended a least one, and all departed into the chilly Autumn night, well pleased as always that they had come and shared the evening with Lodge Jose Rizal and all looking forward to --

‘Our Next Happy Meeting at Lodge Jose’ Rizal No 1045’

Which will be on the fourteenth of July where the First Tracing Board will be explained.
By RW Bro Bruce Quirk as published in DISTRICT 32 website.

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