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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lodge Jose Rizal July [2012] Initiation Meeting

At a conservative 'guesstimate' approaching one hundred and twenty, including the Brethren, their wives/partners, family and friends, not forgetting the little ones, were in attendance at the Castle Hill Masonic Centre on Saturday evening the fourteenth of July to both witness, take part in and thoroughly enjoy not only a faultless first degree ceremony where Mr Justine Bayliff became Brother Justine Bayliff, but also to witness an unforgettable explanation of the First Degree Tracing Board narrated for the very first time, by Bro Eric Buenavista.

The Lodge tyled with VW Bro Rudy Romerosa in the chair at six o’clock sharp and the general business and accounts were quickly dealt with by the Lodge Secretary, RW Bro Emmanuel 'Manny' Maniago [SGW] and Lodge Treasurer RW Bro Fidel Pamplona [JGW] before all visitors were admitted.

Among the many visitors were two fraternals, the first, a twelve strong contingent from Lodge Horizons, all distinguished by their bright green striped Lodge ties, led by the Worshipful Master & LJR member, W Bro Kristan Regalado. The other, a strong delegation from Lodge Alpha led into the Lodge Room by the Director of Ceremonies of Lodge Alpha, W Bro John Morton, and headed by the Worshipful Master, W Bro Sherwin Lim.

When the Inner Guard, Bro Myles Eusebio announced that all Masons seeking admission had been admitted, there were no fewer than fifteen Entered Apprentices and five Fellow Crafts in the Lodge Room, a most colourful sight seldom seen in Lodges nowadays.

An alarm was then heard and upon inquiry, is was ascertained that the District Grand Inspector of Workings for District Thirty Two, VW Bro Paul Larbalestier, accompanied by VW Bro Ken McClure, the District Grand Inspector of Workings for District Thirty Three were in attendance and seeking admission. With consent by the Worshipful Master, the Director of Ceremonies and Deacons taking up their respective positions, and the Brethren standing to order, the distinguished visitors entered the Lodge Room and were warmly received by the Worshipful Master.

With dispensation received from the Regional Grand Counsellor RW Bro Bill McBey, a successful ballot was then conducted for the admission into Freemasonry of Mr Justine Andrew Bayliff, sponsored by RW Bro Maniago and RW Bro Fidel Pamplona. The Director of Ceremonies and Lodge Secretary retired and shortly after their return, an alarm was sounded and upon inquiry it was found that Mr Justine Bayliff was at the door of the Lodge properly prepared and humbly soliciting to be admitted into the mysteries and privileges of Ancient Freemasonry. Mr Justine Bayliff, a tall man approaching seven feet in height, towered over the Junior Deacon Bro Macvi Fidel and a faultless First Degree ceremony followed which was an inspiration to watch and an absolute joy to listen to.

Whist the now, Brother Justine Andrew Bayliff was restoring himself to his personal comfort, in a time preserving action, the Lodge Secretary read out and dealt with the incoming and out going correspondence, such is the fore thought, planning of time management of this go ahead and thriving Lodge, Lodge Jose Rizal, argueably the most progressive Lodge in the Fraternity.

On his return to the Lodge Room and after the Final Charge had been delivered, all the Entered Apprentices took their seats in a horse shoe pattern in the centre of the Lodge Room as to receive a full view of the Tracing Board and thus receive the full benefit of the explanation which was faultlessly narrated [for the first time] by Bro Eric Buenavista who, on completion was acknowledged by thunderous acclamation of recognition and approval by all in the Lodge Room.

After a photo opportunity was taken, the Entered Apprentices resumed their seats and the Worshipful Master made the usual presentations to the newly Initiated Brother. VW Bro Romerosa then gave welcome to the visiting District Inspector who, after officially introducing his associate DGIW VW Bro Ken McClure, with the assistance of the Director of Ceremonies, VW Bro Larbelestier went down onto the floor of the lodge and after warmly congratulating the candidate, and presented him with a lapel badge. On his return to the dais VW Bro Larbalestier made several announcements including the planned District Dinner to be held at the Castle Hill R.S.L. Club on the twenty second of September. VW Bro Larbalestier and VW Bro McClure then retired after which the Worshipful Master announced that, in obtaining special dispensation from Grand Lodge, Lodge Jose Rizal will be conducting a Third Degree Ceremony under the Philippine constitution at their September meeting, he then called for any announcements.

Brother Honesto Bangcoro [also LJR affiliated member] rose and invited all to his Installation Ceremony to be held at the Turramurra Masonic Centre on Saturday the twenty eighth of July tyling at five thirty, the Installing Master W Bro Dexter Taylor.

VW Bro Bill Driver rose and announced that he was selling masoniCare ribbons for two dollars each.

In rising, RW Bro Fidel Pamplona announced the Installation Ceremony of Lodge Beauty of Cabra Vale would be held at the Cabra Vale Diggers Club on the tenth of August, himself representing The Most Worshipful Grand Master. To be installed is Bro Tony Saputil, a subscribing member of LJR.

Bro Fred Sese rose and announced Lodge Axium will be holding their Re Installation ceremony on Saturday the twenty first of July, the most Worshipful Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master and Assistant Grand Master being in attendance bookings essential, dining fee is fifty dollars.

The District Grand Inspector of Workings Designate for District thirty three, VW Bro Graham Andrews, then rose and told all that the DGIW Jewel change over ceremony will be held on the fifth of September at Lodge Burnsides regular meeting, tyling at six o’clock, the dress, lounge suit.

There being no further business the Worshipful Master then closed the lodge and all retired to the festive board to enjoy a sumptious meal prepared by "The Ladies of Lodge Jose Rizal”.

After the Lodge Chaplain, W Bro Jacinto Sta Maria had said Grace, the Worshipful Master proposed the Loyal Toast after which he continued on to propose the toast to The Most Worshipful Grand Master and in response and in rising VW Bro Larbalestier said on a somewhat sad note that this would be his last response in his role of DGIW at Lodge Jose Rizal and thanked all, especially the ladies for the hospitality and kindness extended to him during his term of office which at times was a little difficult.

RW Bro Pamplona then proposed the toast to the Newly Initiated Brother and in welcoming his work mate and associate to the Craft, presented him with the book ‘Real Men Wear Aprons’.

In response, the now Brother Bayliff thanked all for his reception and fulfillment of a life time dream. W Bro Kris Albano then proposed the toast to the Ladies and visitors and called first on Sis Ria San Juan [wife of Lodge Alpha IPM, W Bro Carlo San Juan] to respond who was immediately photographed, to be placed on ‘Facebook’. The Worshipful Master of Lodge Alpha then responded on behalf of the Brethren and thanked Lodge Jose Rizal for an unforgettable evening.

The Junior Warden, Bro Manuel Placido then proposed the Junior Warden's Toast and all said their goodbyes and ventured out into the cool winter’s night all well pleased they had come to and enjoyed the magic experience of Lodge Jose Rizal which is always an inspiration to all that attend and all looking forward to ---

‘Our Next Happy Meeting at Lodge Jose Rizal No 1045’

Which meets bi-monthly at the Castle Hill Masonic Centre on the second Saturday evening of the month tyling at six o’clock, the dress is lounge suit [winter], their next meeting to be held in September and will be a Third Degree Ceremony conducted under the Philippine Constitution, an evening and experience not to be missed.

By RW Bro Bruce Quirk as published in DISTRICT 32 website.

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