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Thursday, December 13, 2012

LJR's December Initiation Meeting & Christmas Party

Approaching sixty, including the Brethren, their wives, family friends, little ones and tinytots were in attendance at the Castle Hill Masonic Centre on Saturday night the eighth of December; most to witness, others to take part in the Initiation ceremony of the now Brother Isagani Soria and all to thoroughly enjoy the Christmas Festivities put on as only Lodge Jose’ Rizal can do. With W Bro Manuel Santos ‘In The Chair’ most of the officers in their new positions for the very first time and W Bro Vince Flores as acting Senior Deacon, the Lodge tyled just a little after five o’clock with all ‘Brethren In’ including Bro Andres Bonifacio from Lodge No 199 G.L.P. and another Brother from the Western Australian Constitution along with five Fellow Crafts. The general business was quickly dispatched by the Lodge Secretary RW Bro Emmanuel Maniago who in turn and in the absence of the Lodge Treasurer, RW Bro Fidel Pamplona, presented the accounts and money matters for adoption. The Worshipful Master then admitted all visitors and duly invested Bro Mario Baylon Jnr as Junior Warden before vacating the chair in favour of W Bro Romy Nieto to do the Work of the evening. An alarm was then sounded and upon inquiry it was ascertained that Mr Isagani Soria was at the door of the Lodge, properly prepared and humbly soliciting to be admitted into ancient Freemasonry. After due inquiry, and consent by ‘The Master in The Chair’, Mr Soria was admitted into the Lodge Room and, under the care and direction of the Junior Deacon Bro Paolo Beringuel, a copy book First Degree ceremony followed which was a credit to all who took part, particularly as most were in their new positions for the very first time and with a special mention of W Bro Jack Sta Maria’s delivery of the Final Charge, done with such clarity and authority, a fitting end to a most enjoyable ceremony. After the usual presentations were made and a specially made Jose Rizal tie was presented to the candidate; W Bro Romy Nieto asked the Worshipful Master and Brother Soria’s sponsors; W Bro Jack Sta Maria and W Bro Tony Saputil to be the first to congratulate the newly Initiated Brother and after a photo opportunity the newly made Brother took his seat in the North East Corner of the Lodge Room. W Bro Manuel Santos then re occupied the chair and in thanking W Bro Nieto, called for any announcements --- W Bro Jack Sta Maria rose and spoke of the horrendous typhoon that had devastated the Philippines and said it was our patriotic duty to support the people of their homeland in their hour of need. He then spoke of the charity golf tournament being put on by Lodge Beauty of Cabra Vale to raise monies to be sent back home. In support of the announcement, the Senior Warden said, one does not have to be a good player on the night just a deep and full pocket. RW Bro Rey Porras then rose and complimented all who took part in the night’s ceremony particularly those in their new positions. There being no further business and after welcoming the visitors, the Worshipful Master closed the Lodge and all retired to the festive board to join with family and friends and after Grace was said by the Lodge Chaplain, Bro Julio Roson, to thoroughly enjoy‘ The Sprit of Christmas’. The Worshipful Master then proposed the Loyal Toast before Bro Tony Saputil proposed the toast to the newly made Brother who, in response, thanked his sponsors and all present for his acceptance into the Craft. After a little urging, Mrs Zeny Soria rose in support of the response. As the Christmas celebrations continued, many late arrivals who were attending other Masonic functions in surrounding areas came along, among these were RW Bro Antoine Georges and his good wife Margarita, RW Bro Fidel Pamplona, and many other well known identities within the Craft adding even more lustre to the evening. In the absence of Bro Eric Buenavista, the Director of Ceremonies proposed the toast to the visitors and the Ladies which was responded to by Bro Ted Robiso from Lodge Woronora; before the raffle was drawn. Throughout the evening all were entertained by music played on the piano and singing by both the little ones and the Ladies making it a beautiful evening which was enjoyed by all. The hour getting late Bro Mario Baylon Jnr proposed the Junior Wardens Toast and whilst some chose to go to their respective homes, others stayed on to further enjoy the evening and all looking forward to --- ‘Our Next Happy Meeting at Lodge Jose Rizal No 1045’ Which will be a Third Degree Ceremony on the second Saturday in January [the twelfth] where a warm welcome and a great night is always assured and don’t forget, bring our Ladies, family and friends. By RW Bro Bruce Quirk as published in District 32 website

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