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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Suggested Guidelines of Freemasons on Various Social Media

“The presence of Freemasons on various social networking sites is growing exponentially and it is drawing attention to the fraternity. By participating on sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (and others), we should strive to make that attention as positive as possible. When we represent ourselves as members of the fraternity, we become someone’s impression of Freemasonry. As such, it is important that we act accordingly and subscribe to the lessons we are all taught as Masons in terms of how we communicate and interact with Masons and non-Masons.

Social Media Code of Conduct for Freemasons

1 A Mason should conduct his Social Media activities in a way that reflects his membership in the Craft. He should act in a way that presents a positive image of his membership in Freemasonry to the world.

2 As a Mason, he must be aware that his postings are a permanent record; therefore, his conduct may influence the world with a positive or a negative opinion about him personally and also about any organizations to which he belongs.

3 His actions on the various Social Media outlets should reflect the highest standards of morality and integrity he would practice within the Lodge.

4 To ensure our fraternity represents itself to the high standards we believe in, we must regulate our actions through Brother-to-Brother intervention. As a Mason, you should advise a Brother if you feel that what he has posted is improper within the framework of our Grand Constitutions, rules, regulations, and edicts.

5 Do not identify any Freemason as a member of the Craft unless he has provided his consent, or has already identified himself as such.

6 Lodge notices, and information contained within Lodge notices beyond the time and place of meeting, should not be discussed.

7 There should never be discussion related to the application, background or investigation of an applicant.

8 There should never be discussion regarding the ballot of an applicant.

9 There should never be discussion related to the business of a Lodge and what is discussed within our tyled doors.

10 The posting of pictures or videos of Lodge events must comply with the Grand Constitutions, rules, regulations, and edicts.

11 Information about Lodge or District social activities must comply with the regulations already in place for Lodge Notices (for example, no reference to alcohol or games of chance). [Note: mostly for US Lodges…]

12 The posting of social activities of a Lodge or District should comply with the regulation standards already in place for the distribution of Lodge Notices and inserts.

13 No official communication with other Grand Lodges or their subordinate Lodges may take place online.”

Please refer to UGL NSW & ACT guidelines on disclosure & social media conduct. A case in point is the taking of photographs within the tyled Lodge - making sure an announcement be made to the effect that photos taken may be published [online or paper based publications]. Giving those who does not want his photo taken ample time to say so.

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