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Sunday, November 17, 2013

LJR's 2013 Installation Meeting by RWor Bro Bruce Quirk

Numbers well in excess of one hundred, including the Brethren, their wives, family, friends and "little ones”, were in attendance at the Castle Hill Masonic Centre on Saturday night the 9th of November, some to take part in, others to watch but all to thoroughly enjoy the Installation Ceremony and Installation Banquet, where Bro Manuel Placido became Worshipful Brother Manuel Placido, now numbered among "The Rulers of The Craft” and the Worshipful Master of the most harmonious, and (arguably) one of the most progressive Lodges in the Fraternity.

With W Bro Manuel Santos (Installing Master), in the chair, the lodge tyled at five o’clock and all visitors were admitted soon after, including two very impressive Fraternals, a twelve strong delegation from The Cedars Lodge, and a strong contingent from Lodge Star of Australia and Lodge Education.

Meanwhile a very strong delegation of some twenty plus Grand Lodge Officers, were forming under the guidance of the Grand Director on the night, VW Bro Dimantha Goonasekera, ably assisted by three Grand Stewards, VW Bro Louis Reyes, VW Bro Kris Albano and VW Bro Arnel Landicho, the delegation was honoured with the presence of a very special guest, RW Bro Larry Gordon from the Grand Lodge of New York. RW Bro Gordon, being the Grand Lodge of New York’s representative to New Zealand, stopped off in Sydney for a few days en route to the Grand Installation in New Zealand.

As time approached and a photo opportunity taken, the Grand Director entered the Lodge Room and announced RW Bro Antoine Georges PSGW accompanied by a large delegation of Grand Lodge Officers were in attendance and seeking admission. With consent by the Worshipful Master and the Brethren standing to order and electronically operated fan fare, the delegation entered the capacity filled Lodge Room and were made extremely welcome.

The officers of Lodge Jose Rizal then divested themselves of their insignia of office which were collected by the Deacons and presented to the Grand Director, VW Bro Arnel Landicho assisting. All below the rank of Installed Master then retired under the direction of VW Bro Goonasekera and after RW Bro Rey Porras had taken up the position of Senior Warden, VW Bro Rudy Romerosa as Junior Warden and W Bro Vince Flores as Inner Guard, the Board of Installed Masters' was opened and soon, under the very capable Installing Hand of W Bro Manuel Santos and in a most impressive ceremony, Bro Manuel Placido became W Bro Manuel Placido, The Worshipful Master of Lodge Jose Rizal No 1045.

The Board of Installed Masters was then closed and the Lodge resumed in the Third Degree and all Master Masons were re admitted, third degree proclamations were then given with electronic Fan Fare before the Third Degree Working Tools were presented by Bro Troy Quimpo. The Lodge was then closed in the Third Degree and resumed in the Second and all Fellow Crafts were re-admitted. The Second Degree Working Tools were then presented by Bro Oscar Eugenio. The Lodge was then closed in the Second Degree and resumed in the First and all masons were re –admitted, the First Degree proclamations were then given before the First Degree Working Tools were presented by the newly Installed Master’s son, Bro Daniel Placido.

The Installing Master then entrusted the Warrant or Charter of Lodge Jose Rizal to the newly Installed Master’s care and keeping, before instructing him to invest his officers. This being done, the three addresses were given, the Address to the Worshipful Master, much to his Credit, by the Installing Master himself, the address to the Wardens by W Bro Remigio Nieto and the address to the Brethren very well delivered by W Bro Russell Dobson.

Before concluding the Installation Ceremony, a musical number was played on the saxophone by Bro Micvi Fidel and a beautiful solo was sung by the newly Installed Master’s son Daniel entitled "This is The Moment” which, on completion, drew a thunderous standing ovation of acknowledgement and appreciation.

A somewhat relieved Installing Master then told the now W Bro Manuel Placido that the ceremony of his Installation was complete and in handing him the "Keys” told him Lodge Jose Rizal was now under his complete control.

RW Bro Antoine Georges immediately rose and asked MW Bro Raymond Brook to be the first to congratulate the newly Installed Master, then the distinguished visitor from The Grand Lodge of New York, before rising and presenting the new Master of Lodge Jose Rizal with his Installed Master’s Certificate. W Bro Manuel Placido then gave welcome to the Most Worshipful Master’s Representative and in acknowledging the welcome, RW Bro Antoine Georges asked the Grand Director to present the Installing Master and duly gave the District Grand Inspector of Workings for District Thirty Two, VW Bro Graham Andrews, the distinct privilege of presenting W Bro Manuel Santos with his Past Master’s Jewel.

This being done RW Bro Antoine Georges asked the Grand Director to present Bro Zaldy Pagala and gave the Foundation Installing Master [and Foundation IPM] of Lodge Jose Rizal, RW Bro Rey Porras, the privilege of presenting him with his Master Mason's Certificate.

RW Bro Antoine Georges then asked the Grand Director to assemble all the previous Masters of Lodge Jose Rizal and duly produced a "Perpetual Jewel” in the form of a "Square” attached to a collarette which is to be passed on to the incoming Worshipful Master on nights of Installation.

He then called on the Worshipful Master of The Cedars Lodge (Lodge Jose Rizal’s Sponsor Lodge) and asked him to invest the Foundation Installing Master, RW Bro Rey Porras, with the Perpetual Jewel, who, in turn, invested the Foundation Wor Master RW Bro Maniago, who, in turn invested RW Bro Fidel Pamplona, who, in turn, invested VW Bro Rudy Romerosa who, in turn, invested W Bro Manny Santos who then invested the newly Installed Master of Lodge Jose’ Rizal with this brilliant concept, the brain child of the Most Worshipful Master’s Representative RW Bro Antoine Georges PSGW.

The Grand Lodge Delegation then retired to the Installation Banquet and were soon joined by the Brethren from the Lodge Room and after Grace was recited by the Lodge Chaplain Bro Julio Roson, all sat down to a tasty meal courtesy of what is to become known as Lodge Jose Rizal’s "Secret Weapon” - The Ladies of Jose Rizal.

After all had eaten, the Worshipful Master proposed The Loyal Toast, followed by the Toast to The Most Worshipful Grand Master and in rising in response, RW Bro Antoine Georges said Lodge Jose Rizal had achieved more in the few short years it had been in existence than most Lodges do in their life time; and attributed this fact to the peace, love and harmony within the Lodge and the unswerving support and efforts of Lodge Jose Rizal’s secret weapon, their Ladies. Before concluding the response, RW Bro Antoine Georges gave acknowledgement to several high ranking Grand Lodge officers in attendance, with particular mention to the special guest from The Grand Lodge of New York, RW Bro Larry Gordon.

A solo rendition was then given by Bro Daniel Placido, which again drew loud acclamation before it was announced it was the newly Installed Master’s birthday and all the Ladies, accompanied by Bro Daniel Placido sang a hearty Happy Birthday.

W Bro Roberto Briones then proposed a lengthy toast to The Worshipful Master and his Officers which was responded to by the newly Installed Master before RW Bro Emmanuel Maniago proposed a toast to the Installing Master which was responded to by a happy & smiling W Bro Manuel Santos.

W Bro Khris Albano then proposed a Toast to Our Visitors and Our Ladies which was concluded with the special Lodge Jose Rizal honours of thanks and friendship.

"We hold you in our hearts. We embrace you as a family. We honour Your Friendship."

The toast responded to on behalf of the Brethren, by the distinguished visitor from the U.S.of A.- RW Bro Larry Gordon.

On behalf of the Ladies, Remy Maniago spoke in jest of all the work expected of them and the time it consumed, but concluded in saying Freemasonry was just as much a part of their lives as was their husbands, and they enjoyed it equally as much.

The hour getting late, Bro Micvi Fidel then proposed the Junior Warden's toast and whilst some partied on in celebration, most travelled to their respective homes, all ever so glad they had come to Lodge Jose Rizal and shared such an enjoyable evening and all looking forward to ---

"Our Next Happy Meeting at lodge Jose Rizal No 1045".

Which meets bi-monthly at the Castle Hill Masonic centre where a warm welcome and a great night of Friendship and Freemasonry is assured.


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